In Memory: Max, Boone, Ivy, Jack, Belle and Bloo Worm
In Memory: Max, Boone, Ivy, Jack, Belle and Bloo Worm was posted on: March 3rd, 2021 2:33 pm
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(They have crossed Rainbow Bridge, together)
“Today I should be walking my guys and gals through our woods. I'd be picking bark out of Max's teeth. Reminding Belle that if she wants true exercise she can't be stopping and spending 30 minutes per chipmunk on trying to climb the tree they went up. I'd be asking Ivy and Worm to try to let me keep my shoulder in place, and gently reminding Jack that walking on his feet is so much better than being pulled on his butt like a butt sled.” Marlene told us.
These pups had the best of life. Woods to play in, warm beds to lay in and so much love and care. They also gave so much to their human families and were so loved by them and the entire community. Our lives were enriched by them.
Their lives were tragically cut short in December. Following is an excerpt from the local news:
HARTLAND, Vt.  The fire that engulfed a Windsor County family's home last weekend resulted in the death of six dogs on the property. The family was out Saturday afternoon when a fire broke out inside their home. When fire crews arrived, they said the property was "fully engulfed" by flames. " Inside the home were their six dogs: Belle, Jack, Bloo Worm, Boone, Ivy and Max. Steve ran up to the back door and kicked it in to get the dogs out but, there wasn't any going in." The flames were so intense, they melted part of their car in the driveway. Firefighters could only let it burn out. They heard a dog and they all tried to get it out but the roof collapsed and the fire chief said, they had to just back away at that point. “My dogs were our heart and soul," Marlene said.

RPACI would like to extend our deepest condolences to Marlene, Steve and their family at this time of such horrific loss. (Jack, Ivy and Bloo Worm were adopted from RPACI in 2018). They are all watching over us and will be in our hearts forever.
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