"I never met an animal I didn't like & I can't say the same about people."

-- Doris Day  

Who We Are

Rebecca’s Paws and Claws, Inc. Remlap (RPACI) began as the personal mission of two women with a heart for abandoned and unwanted animals.

Rebecca Yancey and Sharon Boone spent much of their time visiting local kill shelters, rescuing dozens of dogs and cats that had been red lined. They just couldn’t stand the thought of any of them being put down, and were sure that there were families who needed and wanted to love these animals as much as they needed to be saved.

As the numbers grew, and rescue missions became more and more frequent it didn’t take long to realize that this had become something much larger, and in 2011 Rebecca’s Paws and Claws incorporated into a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. They felt a calling to become official defenders of the defenseless. So many animals were being abandoned at kill shelters or dumped on the side of the road. They felt as a rescue it was also a responsibility to reunite lost animals with their families and have reunited several animals with their rightful owners. We run solely off of donations and all donations are tax deductible.

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